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Bidet Spray Singapore (Demo)


The bidet spray Singapore presents cleanliness on a completely different level which is hardly comparable to other traditional methods of cleaning. In comparison to the use of a douche or wipes, the bidet offers a more effective and hygeinic approach of cleaning. The contraption features high pressure water coming out of its nozzle that effectively gets the job done without having to – literally – get your hands dirty.


Top 5 Reasons why bidet spray Singapore is the way to go


Bidets are used all over the world but surprisingly, these are not a common fixture in homes in the United States. Despite having numerous advantages, some people are still doubtful to use a bidet. Bathroom habits are not a common subject to discuss among peers because most consider this as a sensitive topic to talk about. At first glance, the thought of owning a bidet may seem odd but it does present numerous benefits that, later on, will make it a practical choice.


Initially, like with most unfamiliar contraptions, one may feel hesistant with the bidet spray Singapore. Those that have made the transition from wiping and douche to the use of a bidet cannot even imagine going back to the old days. Using a bidet will definitely affect the bathroom habits of a person since it provides more ease, comfort and makes the experience more enjoyable than the usual.


1.Improving cleanliness and hygiene

The traditional way of going to the bathroom involves the use of a toilet paper when you’re done. This works for most people but unfortunately, it isn’t the most hygienic or comfortable way to “clean up”. In contrast, the bidet shoots out pressurized water out of its nozzle which helps to push the dirt and debris away from the skin surface. Immediately after use, it leaves a refreshingly clean feeling without any residues.


Appliances like the bidet spray Singapore is found in homes not just in the US and Europe but all across the world. The bidet comes in different shapes and sizes and has offers multiple features that a buyer can select from. For example, some bidets offer a warm water function which offers a soothing feeling on the skin during use. There are also bidets that are incorporated into toilet seats that offer a seat warming option for the user.


2.Budget friendly


Toilet paper seems to be the economical choice since it is obviously cheaper to purchase but when calculated in a long term aspect, it costs more than a bidet. Aside from helping out the environment, the use of a bidet will have a positive impact on your long-term expenses.


In addition to this, avoiding toilet paper altogether can lead to less or no plumbing problems which also reduces the chances of having to hire a plumber and incurring pluming repair expenses.




Imagine how much toilet paper a person has used in their lifetime everytime they need to go to the bathroom then multiply that by the total number of people in a particular region in the world? Can you picture just how many trees have been sacrificed just for the sake of creating toilet paper? Aside from the vital role that trees play in the production of toilet paper,  an enormously large amount of water is also an essential element required in creating this product. Aside from the raw materials, there are other factors that must be considered which contribute to poor environmental practices such as transport and packaging. The latter commonly involves the use of non-biodegradable plastic.


The simple use of a bidet can greatly affect the consumption and demand for toilet paper. Aside from the hygeinic advantages, the use of a bidet will help save our environment. Each household owning a bidet can immediately reduce the amount of trash they produce by simply switching to bidets instead of toilet paper.


4.Dermatologically advantageous


Wiping with a toilet paper after using the bathroom can be abrasive to the skin leading to irritation resulting in bumps and rashes. Anyone who has done this can attest to the fact that this is not the most comfortable way to “clean up”. This can prove to be most challenging for people who have hypersensitive skin which makes them extra sensitive to skin abrasions. The bidet spray Singapore offers a hygienic and comfortable alternative.


Aside from skin problems, the use of toilet paper can also be very uncomfortable for certain medical conditions. Some of these conditions include: hemorrhoids, anal fissures, rectal conditions, anal prolapse and the like. For such cases, a bidet would be the most logical choice. These conditions are already painful and uncomfortable on their own, the use of a bidet can provide a certain level of comfort. The warm water feature can aid in soothing pain and inflammation for conditions such as hemorrhoids.


In addition to this, long term use of toilet paper can also cause anal itching. This condition often results from friction caused by repeated wiping. A person with a disability who is unable to wipe himself using toilet paper may also find a bidet much more convenient to use and eliminates the need to ask for assistance.




One of the biggest concerns most households encounter is plumbing problems caused by clogged toilet paper. Everyone knows that we should not flush the toilet paper down the toilet after use but somehow this always seems to happen. The bidet spray Singapore can eliminate this problem easily because it takes away the need to use toilet paper altogether. A large fraction of toilet paper use can be removed simply with a bidet and by opting to add the air dry feature, toilet paper use can be reduced to zero.


The simple choice of having a bidet installed in your bathroom provides numerous advantages for not only for your hygiene but your budget as well. The enivronment friendly advantages of a bidet greatly outweigh the use of an ordinary douch or toilet paper. Try a bidet spray Singapore today and see what you’ve been missing out on!