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Bedroom Interior Designer in Singapore


The bedroom is the place where we rest after a busy day to enter the dreamland, and at least a quarter of the day will be in this space, so it is very important to have an environment that can comfortably fall into a beautiful dream.

Daytime work and life has been enough tedious and complex, if you still need to face flashy but dazzling decoration design when you get home, it is difficult to place the body and mind, unable to release the accumulated fatigue of the day, so the bedroom decoration the better the simpler the design.

Of course, to create a comfortable rest space need to consider all aspects of factors such as room color matching, cabinet design, the use of light and the application of materials, every detail should be taken into account to design a reasonable decoration program.

Bedroom Interior Design


Here are some of the best color palette ideas for bedroom interior that most of our clients love:

  1. Pink + White
  2. Pink + Grey
  3. Blue + White
  4. Black + Grey

Bedroom color scheme is best not more than four, the best ratio is 6: 3: 1. Which means that the basic tone accounted for 60%, brighten color theme of the space accounted for 30%, comparatively strong color accounted for 10%. It should be noted that the color scheme should not be too ostentatious, otherwise it is not conducive to sleep.

Tips for Small Bedroom Interior Design

  1. Organizing space reasonably.

    No matter how small the house is, the storage design should not be ambiguous at all. We should add as much storage as possible in the limited space, because the bedroom supplies are quite a lot after all!

  2. Simplicity of design.

    The main function of the bedroom is used to rest, so it does not need to be very complicated, as long as it is warm and comfortable enough.

  3. Plan everything.

    Before you start your bedroom renovation, you should think about what each place is for and what furniture you need to use to decorate the place. This way, every inch of the bedroom will not be wasted.

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