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Bedroom Designs for Singapore Homes (Demo)


Many Singaporeans live a quiet life just like other professionals. They live busy lives day by day; therefore, they deserve a relaxing place to rest in once they get home.

That is one thing any interior designer needs to consider when drafting bedroom designs for someone in Singapore. Relaxation is always a priority, and minimalism is often a must.

Bedroom Design Ideas for a Singapore Home

Confused which among the many bedroom designs is best for your Singapore home? Here are some tips that can help you in deciding:

  • The available space. Is the room wide or is there a need to scrimp on space? Is the ceiling high or a bit on the low side? If your room falls on the small category, then you may prefer those light and airy bedroom designs that give the impression of a wider space. On the other hand, if your room is quite huge, you will need to think of ways on how to maximize each space.


  • The available structures in the room. Does the room have concrete walls, or did you only use a divider to set it apart from the other rooms? Is there a window, and is it small or large? This will determine what types of furniture will work for your room.


  • Your budget. Of course, funding is of great importance! You need to ensure that whatever bedroom designs you want will fit in your budget. This does not mean, though, that if you are short of funds, you are going to have a mediocre bedroom design. Just shop around for your options.


  • Your personal preference. Some bedroom designs look appealing to the eye but may not actually work for your lifestyle. Check the elements to make sure that such particular bedroom style is what you really want. Are you a movie buff? Does that design have a multimedia player in it, or is there a provision for a multimedia player? You may also want a walk in closet or a vanity area. Make sure the bedroom design you choose will fit your personality.

So those are the things you need to keep in mind when looking for the best bedroom designs. Now, if you want more tangible suggestions, here are some ideas that you can copy for your own bedroom designs.

  1. Industrial – They say you can never go wrong with industrial styling. The place does not have to be an office space for it to adopt industrial styling. Make use of steel gray colors, clean lines, huge lights, and even brick walls.


  1. Mix of Old and New – Many times, the marriage of contemporary and classical elements work wonders in a bedroom design. Splash a room with contemporary styling and memorabilia from your travels or even antique furniture.


  1. Muted with a Twist – Create an element of surprise in a monotone colored room by putting an element with a totally different hue or color than the rest of the room. For example, you can have red and black pillows and bedding on an all gray room. You may also paint one of the walls with a bright color such as yellow or orange.


  1. Retro Styling – This is one of those bedroom designs that never go out of style. How about a navy or marine inspired interior? You can even make it work for the rest of the house.


  1. Indigenous Designing – Make use of indigenous items that you can source rom local or Asian suppliers, such as rattan, bamboo, and the like. Do not forget to add native ornamental plants as well. This will give your bedroom an overall Zen feel.


  1. Feng Shui Designing – now, if you really want to be assured of an overall Zen feel, turn to the elements of Feng Shui. This is supposed to ensure that your bedroom will be truly relaxing and can even boost your luck to take you where you really want to be in life. Some Feng Shui designing principles include getting a bed with a head board but never a foot board and preventing yourself from placing it under the window or beam in the ceiling. Another one is to place the bed on the higher side if the ceiling is pitched. Also, avoid positioning the door in such a way that your feet will point towards the door.

Another tip when venturing into room designing in Singapore: Always make sure to check with the HDB or with the building authorities to determine if your chosen design fits government building standards, especially if the home you own is an HDB flat or rental. Better yet, employ the services of a designer and / or contractor who is licensed or accredited with the HDB.

Tips in Maintaining a Beautifully Designed Bedroom

After designing your bedroom the way you wanted it to be, maintenance is the next step. Following are some tips:

  • Always keep your room clean and in order. Whatever the design of your room, you need to keep it spic and span. Also, please note that the ease through which you clean your room also serves as a determining factor as to whether or not the design you employed in your room actually fits it. If you find it hard to keep your room clean and in order after you have it renovated, then probably it is time to rethink your bedroom design. Probably what’s best for you is the minimalist theme, which employs the “less is best” principle.


  • Give provisions for sunlight to enter your room. It is crucial for natural light to enter your room since you need to be exposed to natural sunlight everyday. However, in Singapore, this has been taken for granted perhaps due in large part to the busy lives of many people there. If you can’t go out to exercise or at least breathe in fresh air every morning, then let some sunlight enter your room every morning. This can be through a strategically positioned window or even a tiny sunroof in a portion of your bedroom roof.