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Bathroom Interior Designer in Singapore


Likewise to kitchens, bathrooms space in today’s homes is relatively compressed by developers. As a result, it often becomes more difficult to acquire a bright and spacious bathroom.

Bathrooms generally on contain five parts: the vanity area, the toilet area, the bathing area, the bathtub, and the passageway. Most people regret having a bathtub at home, so if you are not a big fan of bathing, it is not recommended to have a bathtub in your bathroom.

Besides bathtub is not a substitute for bathing area. The material of the bathtub is not non-slip and it is easy to fall, especially if there are elderly people or children at home who are especially prone to accidents.

Functional separation of bathrooms

In Japanese interior design, the three- or four-separation method is often used to divide the common functions of the bathroom into individual spaces. This is done so that the family can use the different functions of the bathroom at the same time, but it also takes up more area and is not suitable for houses that are too small.

Bathroom Design Ideas

  1. Use mirror cabinets instead of mirrors

    When the countertop space is insufficient, we need to increase storage space through the mirror cabinet, most items stored closed also can reduce the visual clutter. The socket can also be arranged inside the mirror cabinet to enable us to use hair dryers and other electrical appliances.

  2. Design for niche storage

    Bathroom is generally smaller, but the stuff that needs to be stored is more and clutter, which at a practical and aesthetic niches will come in handy. At the same time, this type of modern design can also be very good to adapt to different bathroom interior styles.

Lighting Design for Bathroom

Generally on the bathroom there are two situations of usage.

  1. When we daily rinsing, actually do not need too much brightness. Instead, a little darker light can be more relaxing, suitable for use before going to sleep or go to the toilet in the middle of the night.
  2. When we get up in the morning and ready to go out, we need enough lighting to wake up the body. When cleaning also need sufficient bright light.

Therefore, the bathroom lighting should use adjustable brightness and color temperature of the bulb, according to the use of demand to switch to better meet our daily needs.

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