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Designer’s tips to creating the perfect bedroom


We all have that one friend who simply can’t leave the bedroom. In fact, the only thing they can think of when they wake up is when they’ll go back to their private bedrooms.

And who would not want that? Many interior designers would say that the most challenging interior to design would be the bedroom. Now while many would say that designing a bedroom is easy, there is more to it. For starters, the consideration of the user’s anthropometric requirements as well as the psychological need to feel at ease.

Many psychologists would say that the bedroom is an indirect way of revealing the personality of a person. For example, a bed that has many pillows indicates a person who needs daily reassurance. Or a bedroom that has pure white walls and minimal furniture indicates a person who is straightforward and blunt.

There are many bedroom interior design tips and ideas that help enhance the bedroom. Here are several ideas and tricks to make the bedroom a truly special sanctuary.



What’s more gratifying than waking up to a glorious morning? Waking up with bed buddies of course! No, they’re not real people. Bed Buddies are simply pillows stacked on the bed to guarantee maximum comfort and relaxation. This bedroom interior design accessory had made its long journey from the standard 2 pillow requirement to the multiple pillow use. Pillows such as bolster pillows and cushions make very comfortable bed buddies. The overall goal is to make the homeowner feel more comfortable while sleeping.



This is a common problem when the residence is quite small. Sometimes the bedroom might become the living room. The best solution to this bedroom interior design problem is to have furniture that serves two functions. A sofa bed is the perfect furniture piece for intimate room transformations. By day, it is a sofa for a small gathering to watch movies. At night, the sofa becomes the bed by simply folding the backrest at the seat’s level.

There are sofa beds whose compartments are hidden in the armrests. These compartments can store the pillows and duvet among all other bed requirements. An ideal piece of living, bedroom and office furniture would be a stool that doubles as a side table. Another ingenious furniture piece would be built in bookcase with a corner allotted for a small desk or TV unit. It’s all about perception and practicality.



This is a cliché scenario. The most neglected portion of the bedroom is the closet. There are many moments when homeowners simply stash their belongings in the closet without considering simple organization. An accepted rule of bedroom interior design is to make everything as organized as possible. There are many ways to organize the closet.

Many would favor hanging their dress shirts and dresses on the racks and folding and stacking the shirts in a color coordinated system. Others would hang their clothes straight away on racks. Interior designers suggest employing various methods of organizing one’s closet such as the Konmari method. The ultimate goal of organizing the closet is to give the homeowner maximum efficiency in managing their belongings.



One of the most underrated bedroom interior design accessories are the linens. Many would simply buy the bed linens because it’s readily available. But not many realize just how crucial bed linens are in making the overall bedroom interior design perfect.

When choosing the linens, make sure the linens are made out of percale or cotton. Also take note of the thread count in the linen packaging. A linen that has a 200 thread count gives the sensation of a sleek button down shirt. Ideally, the higher the thread count, the denser and heavier the linen would be. Having heavier linen would guarantee durable beddings and comfortable sensations when resting.



Give the bedroom walls something to look at. While many bedroom interior design walls have one singular color, many interior designers suggest that by having a statement or feature wall, the bedroom’s overall design is further enhanced. Statement walls can be either one different colored wall, wallpapers with prints ranging from natural prints to modern prints and construction elements such as brick, cement and wood.

Statement walls often blend well with any bedroom interior design theme. For example, a vintage themed bedroom would have a vintage newspaper print wallpaper with the minimal bed placed against it. The bed’s linens would then match the scheme of the wall to give that vintage appeal.  A bedroom that intends to speak of the owner’s tastes must, like how one would do when meeting an important person, put its best foot forward.



Believe it or not, there are many ways to add more storage without making the bedroom look too cluttered. If there is space under the bed, make use of small crates and boxes and store shoes, books and even documents in them. Then simply label them according to the contents and slide them under the bed.

If the need for a file cabinet is in order, but can’t afford one let alone have space for it, use the boxes and stack them up so to make a makeshift open cabinet. Then place the stacked boxes under the desk. If there is space in the closet for shoes, simply place the shoe rack in the closet and arrange the shoes there neatly. The key is, if the space allows it, try to make use of it as much as possible.



The most common element one sees in a bedroom interior design scheme is the potted plant. Many interior designers and scientists agree that by having a potted plant in the room, the production of oxygen increases, especially at night, and it is distributed throughout the room. This grants the homeowner a healthy and well rested night.


There are many ideas for the bedroom. One just needs to have a perceptive mind and a desire for relaxation and rejuvenation.