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A Guide To Setting Up Philips Lighting Singapore Systems (Demo)


What is light? It is an energy source that helps the whole world to survive. The first lighting systems were invented a long time ago, thanks to our caveman predecessors who used torches to light their homes, and to cook food. The early men used torches and open flame when they go outside of the caves to hunt for food, to explore or to camp out for the night. Then came the invention of wax candles. Numerous companies began making various candles of all sizes. Then other types of lighting included William Murdoch’s gaslight, Thomas Alva Edison’s incandescent bulb, and the fluorescent light. Now there are a variety of modern Philips lighting Singapore fixtures made available, thanks to the innovations of father and son tandem Frederick and Gerard Philips. They founded Philips, one of the most successful electronic companies in Netherlands. Philips is one of the leading producers of light fixtures in the world – and with good reason.


A good Philips lighting Singapore system will always have the following qualities:


  • It adheres to Singapore Consumer Protection standards with regards to quality, and safety
  • It enables the user to regulate glare
  • It provides adequate lighting, at times, with luminosity levels that can be adjusted.
  • It enables you to benefit from light that’s properly installed and placed in the right direction


There are many uses of light. Light keeps our neighborhood streets safe as one walks home in the night. It beautifies our surroundings and increases tourism in Singapore. It helps major facilities perform efficiently in their day to day operations like movie houses, gasoline stations, car parks, sports arenas, factories, hotels, hospitals, airports, warehouses, and twenty-four-hour convenience stores and supermarkets. More than that, it also creates the mood in a room so it’s important that the consumer has the ability to manipulate how much light is needed for an event.









There are also different types to suit every need, and Philips are known to produce these:


1)CFL Lightbulb (compact fluorescent light bulbs)

2)Incandescent light bulb

3)LED light bulbs (energy saving lights)



Considerations When Checking And Setting Up Lighting Systems


Quality Philips lighting Singapore fixtures, when properly installed, helps us to see things. It reduces headaches and strain in our eyes. It minimizes accidents in the work. Here is a checklist of lighting concerns that people may encounter at home or at work:


1) The amount of light. Not all lights are created equal. The right kind of light must be used for the right kind of activity.


2) Glare coming from other light fixtures


3) Presence of Shadows


4) Workers complaining of headaches and experiencing eye strain


5) Unsteady and fluctuating lights. Flickering lights are a problem because the eyes will be having a hard time doing fine motor activities like electrical repairs, sewing, and hobbies.


6) Lighting concerns in places like factories wherein people handle equipment like the high-speed sewing machine, electric saw, electric cutter, high-grade kitchen equipment, and the like. Workers need to get a clear view of the things in their surroundings.


7) Lighting replacements. Is there a need to change the lights? Is there a schedule followed as to when the lights are being replaced.


8)Financial concerns. Some lighting devices come with a higher wattage, and when used for a long time, it can cause a dent on the budget. Philips lighting Singapore offers LED lamps that are energy efficient.





9) Mention the type of equipment to be used, especially if there will be a  computer inside a room, regardless if it’s a laptop or PC. The computer emits light coming from its monitor, and this produces excess light. Aside from that, the monitor is also a mirror that receives reflections from objects that give off glare. The designer or contractor can create a workaround to minimize unwanted eye strain that this will cause.


If one wants to have a room’s lighting done like those appearing in showrooms, glossy magazines, and websites, one needs to consult an expert interior designer or contractor that can help determine the lighting needs for a home. Here are the qualifications and questions that you should consider when looking for a reputable designer or contractor:


1)The company should be a member of a Singaporean organization that would certify the company as a reputable and professional designer like the Asia Pacific Space Designers Alliance (APSDA) or the International Design Confederation Singapore (IDCS).


2)The designer or contractor should present a portfolio of successful projects that show the use Philips lighting Singapore installation. They must show a portfolio of actual work done, or if possible, they take you to visit clients who have consulted them too.


3)The designer or contractor must be of a trustworthy reputation. The consumer must perform background checks, browse the internet and check out social media on reviews or feedback about them. They should also provide with a list of suppliers as well.


4)Ask for an estimate on how much will be spent for lighting. The designer or contractor should provide a list of every light bulb used in the project. It should mention the brand name, type, amount, and quantity of lights used. A Philips lighting Singapore product is beneficial for customers with concerns regarding their budget.












Environmental concerns about lighting are important for the consumer as well. Ask the designer how a workaround will be made on such.


1) Is there a way to recycle or reduce trash once the light bulb is used up?

2) Are there projects or causes I could attend that will recycle these light bulbs that are used?

3) How can lighting contribute or benefit to a green community?

4) How can lighting restore the environment?


Don’t be afraid to ask for the best lighting brand or equipment that will help you have a better lighting system in your home. It will be too late if one finds defective, or poor or cheaply made lights are installed in the home. Such concern can lead to accidents, and is a fire hazard in the home or office. Safety is always the most important issue when it comes to Philips lighting Singapore installations. Keep in mind that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.