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7 Contemporary Home Renovation Ideas (Demo)


Owning a home is one of the goals of every hardworking employee. However, certain economic conditions (such as the high costs of lots, construction materials and construction services) make it a bit harder to accomplish such goal. If you have savings to make that dream within reach, there are available options for you. Buying a previously owned unit in a condominium is one of these options.

Just because the space is limited does not mean that the designing options are also limited. In fact, you can find several ways to tweak the unit into a cozy and chic place you can call your home. Below are some contemporary home renovation ideas that can help you beat the problem of limited space.

  1. Experiment on geometry and symmetry.

Let your imagination run wild when it comes to picturing your walls, floors and ceiling when planning your home renovation Singapore. Feature shapes and symmetry in those aforementioned areas in your home. You don’t have to buy expensive wall hangings, floor tiles and lighting equipment to carry out this idea. Painting skills are useful in this endeavor. You can make shapes and symmetry out of paint.

If you want it to be more sophisticated, you can add panels and hang them in the ceiling or affix them in the walls. Aside from your walls, floors and ceiling, you can also try applying geometry and symmetry in your selection and placement of furniture and appliances.

  1. Maximize space.

The size is something you can hardly modify when going on a home renovation Singapore. This may entail buying the adjacent unit space in some instances. However, if that’s not possible in your case, you can only choose to work on the space you are given. Worry not because there are several ways for you to maximize the space.

One of the most popular space saving techniques is to use multi-functional furniture. Instead of the typical wooden or curtain divider, you can install a series of standalone or personalized cabinet. Aside from being a storage device, such cabinetwork is useful in dividing rooms for a little bit of privacy. Another example of multi-functional furniture is a modern-day couch, which base conceals a storage space. There are also tables that you can adjust in different ways to accommodate more people.

  1. Have fun with optical illusions.

The best remedy to limited space for your home renovation Singapore project is to use optical illusions. Having a large, glass window with an opening to a verandah creates an illusion of a large space. This kind of setup tends to borrow the illusion of space from the outside surrounding.

Mirrors are also good sources of optical illusion. If you want to make the illusion of an extensive table, place it beside the wall with a mirror. You can also place a full-length mirror strategically to make it look like an entryway to another hallway. Make sure that these mirrors are in compacted places, such as bathrooms.

  1. Mix and match bright colors.

If you want a lively home, mixing and matching colors should be an important facet of your home renovation Singapore project. Your preferred colors should be based on your chosen theme. Neutral colors such as white, gray and black complement well with any other color. Just make sure you stick two- or three-palette colors.

Utilizing a monochromatic color scheme is also a great way to liven up your place. If you are going for a monochromatic color scheme, ensure that there is an equal balance of dark and light hues of a certain color.

  1. Create and disturb patterns.

In home renovation Singapore, patterns typically make the most of the floor plan. However, the floor design should not contain the same look all throughout your home. For instance, wooden flooring is the best option for bedrooms, and living and dining rooms. Vinyl tiles are for kitchen and bathrooms. You can create patterns out of the designs featured in the wooden or vinyl tiles. However, if you want to be more unique, you can mix and match big and small tiles and tiles of different designs (as long as they are made from the same materials).



  1. Feature a stroke of green.

Plants are always known as great additions to any home, so make sure to have it in your home renovation Singapore plan. You can place plants by your windows or make them as centerpiece in your living room center table.

There are also the trends of apartment, container and vertical gardening. These trends are quite popular among urban dwellers due to the limited space that are often associated with condominium units, apartments and townhouses.

In apartment gardening, you can go for plants that can survive with minimal sunlight exposure and place them in various areas in your home. Cacti varieties are another option. Although they require sunlight, they don’t need much water. You can bring them out every morning until afternoon and place them inside at night. Bonsai plants suit well with urban homes, too.

The basics of container and vertical gardening can be used altogether to create a home garden that you can be proud of. You can set this up in your verandah. You may also add different plant varieties. If you are aiming for aesthetics, look for small, flowering plants. Plant them in containers and affix the containers on the wall. If you want, you can also add herbs.

  1. Bring the countryside ambiance to your urban home.

If you grew up in the countryside, there will always be a part of you that longs for the peace and nature that only countryside homes have. In this case, you can bring the countryside vibes by carefully selecting accents for your home renovation Singapore project. Putting plants is the most obvious way, but there are other methods. You can add ornaments that are made from indigenous materials. Wooden carvings can boost that countryside ambiance as well. Don’t forget to attach your old photographs featuring you in your countryside home.