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6 Fabulous Minimalist Interior Design Ideas For Homeowners In Singapore

6 Fabulous Minimalist Interior Design Ideas For Homeowners In Singapore

Minimalism is not a lack of something. It’s simply the perfect amount of something! Nothing matches the feeling of a neat and uncluttered space, and so minimalism is a lifestyle choice. The minimalist interior design in a home is not only nice to look at, but it’s also simpler to maintain. It’s all about curating instead of letting things stack up and making space to cut down on the excesses of daily life.

Clearing out the “unnecessary” and keeping your home’s decor simple can do a lot for your mental health as well. Besides that, it can make your home look spacious, and give off a fresh vibe. Even in Singapore, minimalist interior design is becoming more popular in homes.ย 

In fact, people all over the world like to live in homes that are simple yet modern, and have a lot of space. Whether you live in a big house or a small apartment, minimalist design is a great choice for everyone.

If you’ve always liked this style of home decor but don’t know where to start, our tips for minimalist interior design and styling will guide you through the process.

6 Fab Minimalist Dรฉcor Ideas for Your Home, HDB or Condo Apartment In Singapore

Here are 6 ideas for minimalist interior design that you can use to make your home look dapper and spacious at the same time. Check it out.

Neutral Shades For a Serene Space

Neutral Shades

Clean lines and a minimal aesthetic define the modern minimalist bedroom designs. Neutral hues like beige, grey, and white can be used to make a room look minimalist and spacious. But when you use more than one neutral shade in your space, you can make it look fantastic. You can use a combination of two neutral tones to give your bedroom minimalist interior design a new look while keeping it simple and chic.

Opt For Versatile Floor Plans

Versatile Floor Plans

If you have kids, you should have an open floor plan in your apartment. The open layout of the living room, dining room, and kitchen makes the space look even bigger and gives kids enough room to play. The minimalist interior design for the living room can create wonders with your space!

A flat with a floor plan that can be altered looks nice and neat. When you need to, you can easily move the furniture from one place to another. You can also design the ceiling accordingly so that it goes with everything else that is minimalist in the room.

Go With Minimal Decor Or Bare Walls

Bare Walls

The absence of dรฉcor may appear abrupt at first sight, but this purposeful bareness can complement the architectural features of the bedroom to create a modern effect. For example, a wall with nothing on it can sometimes be more interesting than one with a plethora of items on it.

Investing in timeless classics and choosing quality over quantity pays off big time in the modern minimalist bedroom design. A minimalist house design doesn’t work with buying popular and common stuff. Choose decor that is antique, durable, and will make your home visually appealing.

Smart Storage Solutions To Conceal Your Clutter

Smart Storage

When there are too many things in a room, it looks small and messy. But if you have smart storage in the room, you can keep things where they belong and make the space look bigger.ย 

You can put stylish shelves on the wall above the study table in your kids’ room. These shelves will help them hide their stuff and keep it out of sight, making the room look cleaner and bigger.

Design Minimalist, Contemporary Bathroom

Contemporary Bathroom

Why leave out the bathroom when introducing a minimalist design in your home? To have a trendy minimalist bathroom, you need to pay attention to textures. The bathroom can look amazing with cement floor tiles, and open shelves.

Also, the light texture of the vanity and the multicolor shower wall can add more zing to your bathroom.

Use Lighting Rather Than Decor Accessories For Coziness

Use Lighting

Instead of adorning your home with objects that make it look crowded, try using lights. Pendant lights, for example, can add an unusual touch of elegance and sophistication to a minimalist home without making it look cluttered.ย 

Think about how you can work with the lights you already have to get the best warm lighting and choose pendants that are the right size for your space and fit the design. You can use different shapes, finishes, and groups of pendant lights to make a big difference in the design of your home.

Tying It All Together!

Over the past few years, the idea that “less is more” has evolved into something. Interior design that was simple and functional was once a sign of minimalism. Now, it has a lot more to offer because many designers and homeowners blend ideas from other styles.ย 

Since minimalism is all about keeping things simple and knowing what you really need, you can try out different stuff, but don’t go completely off the rails with any one of them.

Minimalism is a popular style for home design in Singapore, and it looks fabulous in every home. We hope that our ideas were helpful to you! You can use the above ideas as inspiration for designing a minimalist home in Singapore.

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Senior Design Consultant at Carpenters. With a certificate in interior design from NAFA and over 7 years of experience, Jun Jie has an eye for detail and a passion for creating spaces that combine form and function.