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5 Tips For The Ideal Living Room & Bedroom Interior Design

There’s nothing to be ashamed of, we all dream of building a stunning home every now and then. After all, we yearn to be the one pulling the strings when it comes to the appearance of our home.

But why limit that fantasy to just your dreams, when you can make it become a reality?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a veteran in living room or bedroom interior design in Singapore, these tips will definitely be put to good use no matter the amount of experience that you hold.



1. Keep it posh and simple by using accent pieces

Some of you may only know what the word ‘accent’ means, but accent piece as a whole? Not so much. An accent piece is basically a furniture that stands out from the rest of the decor.

It is an excellent way of creating a sophisticated look without being too overwhelming. One perfect example is by using seashells or corals as a decor on your bookshelf or coffee table to create a beach-style feel without being too overboard.


2. Use what you already have to decorate

Improvise with your current furniture, decor and accessories. Here’s when you can save up and go crazy with designing without breaking the bank.

You can place old candles atop of your bedside or coffee tables to give it a refined look. Or use the art from your children’s book as decor by framing and hanging them up around the house like their rooms or bathrooms!


3. Make full use of your lighting

Never skip out on lighting, it’s an important aspect of any room design, be it for living room interior design or bedroom interior design not just because of how it brightens up the room but also how it changes the entire look and feel of your living space.

A statement piece can make the room look more vibrant or minimalistic, it just depends on what kind of look you’re going for! Use an agatha ball to match with your wooden wallpaper but keep it modern at the same time.


4. Mix up the different textures

Put your cooking skills to use, except that you’re not mixing up ingredients but a bunch of textures and patterns instead.

Bring old, modern, expensive and inexpensive together. There’s nothing wrong with having vintage and modern come along together, in fact it will really bring out the full potential of your living space.


5. Pick your paint colour last

Yes, the thought of picking your paint colour first is exciting but it can really mess up the whole look of the room. It’s actually best to have all your furniture and decorative items settled before picking out your paint colour.

Don’t worry about the array of paint colours to choose from, they won’t be going anywhere so stay focused on picking your furniture first. After all, it is easier to pick out a wall colour that will fit all your furniture rather than the opposite.

Bedroom interior design, or living room interior design in Singapore can be easily done as long as you know the basics. With the fundamental knowledge, you can create the perfect living space.