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5 Singapore Homes with Ingenious Loft Interior Design Ideas

Singapore homes are notorious for being short on space. As of last year, Singapore has been ranked the second-most expensive city in the world to purchase private property for two years in a row. The average price per square foot is a whopping US$1,063. Consequently, homeowners would want to make the most out of every inch. To do that, many have tapped into the potential of vertical space by using a loft and would like to know how much to build a loft in Singapore.

Let us explore five stunning Condo design ideas Singapore homes that have ingeniously integrated lofts to maximize their vertical space and create unique and functional living areas.



With the clever use of a loft, this cozy room is able to pack in lots of functions and several loft interior design. The space beneath the stairs features a workstation right by the window to take in natural light during the day. It also readily converts to an entertainment zone, with a TV mounted to the side of the staircase. The segregation effectively shields the bed from distractions and clutter, which helps improve sleep quality.


loft in bedroom


Much like the room before, a loft perches the loft bed Singapore up high to create a conducive study environment underneath. Having a dedicated workspace at home contributes to higher productivity and focus. The design utilizes a ladder instead of a staircase, which is more space-saving but only suitable for younger household members.


loft in bedroom


This 2 bedroom condo interior design Singapore has a little more space than the previous two but employs a similar tactic of using a loft for a private and restful sleeping quarter. The staircase doubles as storage and features a wardrobe. Itโ€™s always a good idea to affix LED strips to the underside of the steps. Theyโ€™re invisible when not in use, but ensure safety when going up and down in the dark.



Maximizing the potential of loft spaces goes beyond traditional bedrooms; it can also lead to the creation of a private and versatile workspace. Embracing the concept of working from home, pursuing hobbies, or engaging in computer work and writing, this loft design ideas caters to those seeking a cozy and personalized workspace. Unlike the stringent requirements of a typical office setup, this concept allows for a more relaxed approach, giving you the freedom to curate your perfect workspace.


In Singaporean homes, living rooms are usually designed for entertaining guests, but some homeowners prefer a more intimate space with just a sofa or two lounge chairs. For loft design ideas with a good view and natural light, creating a lounge area can be engaging for close gatherings. Set up a flat screen, two lounge chairs, and a small table for movie nights. Enhance the coziness with an area rug and throw pillows. For a unique touch, consider hanging accent chairs from the ceiling to give an illusion of spaciousness. Relax and unwind with a sofa or simply enjoy a good book.


In today’s design trend, maximizing space is key, whether it’s dealing with high ceilings, large open floor plans, or compact areas.ย  HDB homes often have limited space, making it essential to optimize every inch, especially when it comes to lofts. Here are some ingenious Condo renovation ideas for compartmentalizing your space:

  1. Utilize your loft stairs for storage by incorporating cubicles or compartments, or even transforming them into full clothes cabinets.ย 
  2. Create a flexible living and office area that can easily transform into living and office space. Consider integrating a sofa under the loft with a pull-down table that serves as a dining or office table.ย 
  3. Instead of making the loft a quarter of the area, consider dedicating half of the space to it, allowing for a more creative layout of the sleep and storage areas.
  4. Let your Condo design ideas Singapore reflect your personality and aesthetic preferences. Incorporate elements like wrought iron scrolls for railings and wall decor for a touch of French design, or experiment with stylish wood cladding for a modern and unique vibe.

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loft in living room


If youโ€™ve been blessed with ample vertical space, all the more reason to have a loft design Singapore. This apartment makes use of its generous height to have a study that overlooks the living room. The mezzanine loft compliments the metal beams and floor-to-ceiling windows for an industrial look, with pot plants and wood furniture to add a Scandinavian touch.


loft in living room


Unlike the capacious apartment above, this home needs to be smarter with its space. A loft lifts the study above ground level to leave room for entertainment and relaxation in the living area. Wall cabinets provide plenty of storage, and the loft is able to accommodate enough desk space for two people.

The Best Condo Interior Design Singapore

Incorporating a loft into your house interior design is an excellent way to maximize vertical space and create a unique and stylish living space. The five homes featured above showcase how lofts can be used creatively to add functional and aesthetic value to a home. Whether youโ€™re looking to add an extra bedroom, a home office, or a cozy reading nook, a loft can be a versatile addition to any home interior design.ย 

Carpenters.com.sg is a company with a team of experienced and skilled interior designers in Singapore who ensure that your loft design is safe, functional, and beautiful. With careful planning, execution, and attention to detail, a loft can transform your home into a comfortable and stylish living space that meets all your needs.


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