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5 Singapore Home Trends in 2016 (Demo)


Nowadays, deluxe malls and industrial parks are not the only places that require careful architectural planning and organization. Home design Singapore is a booming industry, which is expected considering the fact that around 80% of the country’s population is living in HDB flats. This means competition is alive and well when it comes to homeowners who want to keep up with the latest trends in home design this 2016.


From the most basic design elements, like material and design, to concepts like craftsmanship and practicality, here are the top five home design Singapore trends this 2016:


Going Green


Materials that are naturally made such as bamboo, hemp and wood are going to be major components of home design Singapore this year. This is because of the increasing popularity of using eco-friendly materials, or materials with less effect on the planet because of their renewable nature.


Taking inspiration from famous green architecture all over the world, home design Singapore is not a stranger to this trend. In fact, the Khoo Teck Puat Hospital in Yushin Central, Singapore is one of the world’s “green buildings” that are not only sustainable, but also equally healing both to the people and to our planet.


Structured plants are mainly used to infuse color and life to an otherwise flat and mundane interior. Sturdy natural materials like wood are often used to build furniture like closets and chairs, adding an outdoor feel to the interior design. Sometimes, various hues of green are combined with metals, another popular trend this year, to produce a natural contrast between the natural and industrial elements of home design.


Mixed Metals


Contemporary pieces of metal are used as vital points of home design this year. Metallic objects made of copper, gold, platinum and brass serve as the focal points of attention at strategic points in the home because of their natural luster and appeal to the eye. Like combining pieces of jewelry together, home design Singapore tries to mix and match pieces of metal accessory to come up with a final product with elegance and ambition.


With concepts from minimalistic design principles, this trend makes use of metals with geometric shapes and symmetrical lines that tend to lend order and structure to your home interior. At the same time, you can also combine metal décor and accessories with the natural green shade of plants to create a fusion that is both classy and adventurous.


Dash of Gold


For color schemes, a general rule in home design Singapore is to be a little more aggressive and use bold colors to break the monotony of a neutral color scheme, said Terrence Teh, marketing manager at Journey East.


If you are starting from scratch and looking for the perfect base color for your concepts, Dulux Paint suggests Monarch Gold, a rich hue of gold that you can combine well with a wide array of tones, especially natural ones. This makes it a perfect complement if you are looking to switch to green and sustainable design. Its warm tone also makes Monarch Gold a perfect substitute color for interior walls.


No More Formal Living and Dining Rooms


Space is scarce, and that holds true in home design more than anything else. That’s why the concept of combining different parts of the house to save up space is becoming increasingly popular. Small apartments may have the disadvantage of having less space, but interior designers see it as a challenge on how creatively they can position the different elements to create the illusion of space. Nowadays, the traditional living room is ditched and several parts of the house are adjusted for increased comfort, so homeowners can accommodate guests at any part of their home.


Similar to the living room, the formal long table for the dining room is becoming a thing of the past, as more and more people transform their kitchens into multipurpose dining rooms. This home design Singapore trend means more convenience for the homeowners because they have less furniture to clean and more room to walk around.


Craftsmanship and Practicality


Prospective buyers are now more aware of the interior design industry due to the success of home design Singapore. To interior designers, this means that clients ask more specific questions about the materials and get more involved in the planning and design process. Customers like to know how their bamboo furniture were made or if their newly renovated interior can withstand heavy rains. This shows more appreciation for the home design process by the homeowner.

Also, because buyers are wiser more than ever, they are aware if the materials used are sold at the right prices. This increases competition in the home design industry, so interior design companies should be more careful and prepared in dealing with their customers.


Factors to Consider When Choosing the Trend for You


Although this year’s trends complement each other quite well, you can’t just take all of them and apply them to your home all at once. Basically, you need to first think which among the current trends you like, then look for other techniques and concepts that work well with the trend you choose. For instance, if you are a minimalist and like to keep things simple, you can start by adopting the Monarch Gold base color for your interior then decide on the feeling or mood you would like your interior to have.


Do you want a warm place to help you relax more easily after a hard day’s work? You can place some green plants on the right positions to provide a breath of air, which complements your earthly interior.


As such, you also have to consider the other aspects of home design aside from style, such as budget, location and size of your house. You don’t want to overspend on furniture if you barely have any place to walk around your living room. Consulting with a professional who specializes in home design Singapore is key to finding the right balance between these factors and ultimately having a place that has both personality and style.


Whether you are looking to up your sense of style or simply want to renovate your flat, these latest trends in Singapore home design are sure to add something new to your home and make it a little more exciting.