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5 Bathroom Ideas for Your Home (Demo)



The bathroom is a special place in any home in Singapore or elsewhere in the world. It is the only place you can get some decent privacy, away from any disturbance. Some people would even say they care more about the way their bathroom looks than their bedroom. Your quality of life just improves when you feel comfortable, clean, and happy inside your own bathroom. But designing the perfect bathroom can be tough if you don’t have a single vision. For this, here are 5 different bathroom design ideas on furniture and lightings Singapore homes can use:


1)Go for a Minimalist Interior Style

Minimalism is growing more and more popular these days in Singapore when it comes to design aesthetics.  This is especially true for homeowners who are interested in renovating or redecorating their homes.  The minimalist style has become one of the most popular go-to interior design styles not only for aesthetics but for more practical reasons as well.


For a minimalist style bathroom, you first have to pick your colors carefully.  Pick one dark color and one light color.  For example, you can never go wrong with a black and white bathroom. Do not be afraid of black walls and floors because they have the potential to look great if combined with the right bathroom lighting and furniture. Go for a classic white wall hung basin so you don’t have to use a vanity top which would clutter your bathroom. Instead, store your products and accessories in a mirror cabinet.


People who go for the minimalistic look are usually the ones with limited bathroom space. To maximize space, install built-in bathtubs. They are not only less expensive, but they also give you a cleaner look. If you are a shower kind of person, there is a wide range of basic hand showers that will fit perfectly with your design.


Finish off this look with the right lighting. The popular types of lightings Singapore minimalist homes use are LED downlights and recessed lights. They are fixed right into your ceiling making your bathroom look bigger.


2)Be Classy in a Sophisticated Style

Bathrooms with sophisticated designs are very common in Singapore. They are both exciting and classy at the same time.  The style can suit both masculine and feminine tastes so couples do not have to argue about the motif.


The secret to achieving the sophisticated look is to have an accent color. Whether it’s black, gold, beige, or even bright colors, an accent color instantly classes up a room. For instance, add your accent color to the rim of your oval mirror. And use the same accent color on your towel racks.


Accent colors pop with the right lightings Singapore homeowners can install. LED Spotlights can highlight a specific object you want noticed. A pedestal basin is a nice addition to a sophisticated bathroom. Highlight this furniture with a spotlight. Or perhaps use these kinds of lightings right above your shower rose. A shower rose in a glass enclosure is a sure fired way to get that sophisticated look.


3)Go Cozy with a Homey Design

If you don’t find minimalistic and sophisticated bathrooms comfortable, you can always go for a homey look. You can always make your bathroom feel cozier with these tips.


For the homey bathroom idea, it is time to let the wood shine. Wooden cabinets, windows, and even a mirror with a wooden rim will instantly make you feel more at home. Include accessories such as wicker laundry baskets, flower vases, and colorful towels. You can even try your luck in antique shops for that vanity top that will go well with the homey look.


For your basin, you should definitely go with a counter top basin. Any bathroom will feel and look more pleasing with a counter top basin. At the same time, a freestanding bath tub is the much needed addition to your bathroom. Finally for the lightings, Singapore homeowners can choose wall mounted lights. You can easily change the light bulbs anytime.


4)Think Out-of-the-Box with a Quirky Style

If you feel the need to let your personality shine through your interiors, you can go for the quirky type of bathroom design.  The number one rule, of course, is to have fun in the design.  This means that you can go crazy with your choices in color and lighting.


Do not be afraid to use bright colors on your walls and floors. Normally, with tiled patters, you can only choose to install them either on your walls or on your floors. But if you’re going for the quirky look, you can have tiled patterns on both your walls and floors. Try to choose patterns that contrast each other.


If you don’t want to use tiles, customize your blank walls with paintings and pictures. They are immediate conversation starters and will draw the attention of visitors.  There are plenty of mirror shapes and designs today to suit your taste.  There are even themed designer mirrors that can fit your specific design style.


Finally, make your vision come together with the right lighting. Some popular types of lightings Singapore quirky homes use are high and low hanging lights.


5)Take the Throne in a Regal Royalty Style

It is not uncommon for the toilet to be referred to as the throne.  Quite fittingly, many want to feel like a king (or queen) and to experience ultimate comfort when they are inside their bathrooms.  Do not worry, you do not need loads of gold to have a bathroom worthy of royalty.


Certain materials like glass can make your bathroom look “royal.”  You can use glass basins and fixtures as well as designer mirrors.  You can also have a rain shower installed.  Or have a bath tub with a jet function for that well deserved pampering at the end of the day.  When it comes to lightings, Singapore homeowners like yourself can explore having specialty lights installed in the bathroom – perhaps one that simulates the night sky?


These are just a few ideas for furniture and lightings Singapore homewoners can use.  There are a lot more ideas online in bathroom and lighting specialty sites.  You can even contact Singapore based lighting and bathroom supplies stores if you have specific inquiries about styles and products that you are interested in.