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14 HDB Interior Design Singapore Themes (Demo)


There are misconceptions that HDB flats are not that appealing. That is mainly because HDB flats are known for being the most affordable options for Singaporeans. To them, the price equals to how beautiful the house is. If it is cheap, it will not be a beautiful home. This is untrue, of course. You can have the best HDB interior design Singapore as long as you follow these HDB interior design Singapore themes.

The Minimalist Style

Sometimes, it is good to keep everything simple and nice. Provide an edgy feel to your home with the minimalist style and you won’t have to spend a great deal of money buying different furniture as you need only a few for your home while still looking lovely.

Get a Swedish Inspired HDB flat

Guess what, you can have you water pipes a part of your home design. It will add some style to your home. You may also want to get a quirky bookshelf for it.


This is because black and white never go out of style. The Monochrome concept will exude elegance to your new home and this concept is not expensive. It is simple yet pleasing to the eyes.

It’s okay to be different

You don’t really need to paint old plain colors to your walls. You can make it more fun by painting it with something unique or stylist, but if you are not good in painting, then do not attempt this concept. You may be disappointed afterwards. You can ask someone to paint for you though. Just make sure you tell that person what to paint to your walls.

Go Green

Nature will sometimes do the trick. Why not add a little garden to your HDB flats? You don’t have to go overboard with too many plants, a few will do. You can also opt for artificial plants if you want. They will be just as nice.


Cafe Inspired

Cool cafes are in these days. Why don’t you have café inspired themes for your HDB flats? At least, you don’t have to go out to a café as you are already living in it.

Heritage Design

If you like a heritage theme for your new home, then you can mix old things and contemporary designs to achieve the interior lab design for your home. You can have dark French door frames and open design kitchen paneling and lighting. That way, you can balance the old with the new, a perfect design for your home indeed.

The Scandinavian Inspired hdb flat

The best HDB interior design Singapore sometimes comes in the form of a well-lit house, which is full of many interesting details. You can have a car’s rearview mirror that will serve as your wall decors, or you can have wheels on your dining table. That’s taking Scandinavian aesthetics to new levels. You can also add texture to your home with wood furnishings and gray-washed walls.

A fashionista’s room

Have a full length mirror to your 4-door wardrobe, which will fit all your clothes and things. It helps to have a lighted dresser that will make you feel like a star while you are busy applying makeup. Make sure to place your mirror strategically to make the room appear bigger. Sometimes, the location of the mirror matters a lot. Where you place it can make or break a room. It will either appear small or large, depending on where the mirror is located. Try to have bigger windows for your room to make it appear a little larger.

The Studious Concept

You can exude coziness to your room with a fluorescent lighting made with tan wood. If your HDB flat is tiny, have a horizontal study table to the side of the room to make efficient use of the available space. You may want to have your bookshelves on top of your study table to make the room a little bigger. This concept is perfect for someone who is still in school.
There are furniture items that also serve as study table and bed at the same time. You may invest a little more money for this, but it sure will save you a lot of space.

Split-up Wardrobe

This concept will create a walk-in wardrobe in a small room. To do this, you need to create a split wall. You can add a dresser in the middle. You can also add wooden panels to the floor to achieve a complimentary look.

The Clean Lines Concept

Getting a plain-painted wall can make your room look boring and dull. Try to add some vertical lines painted to the walls to make them look elegant. Long lines will make a small room look bigger and wide. Make sure to have proper lighting for your room to make it look nice and comfortable.

Get a Floating Bed

No, we don’t mean a water bed nor ask you create a bed, which floats in the air. We mean you should put lights under your bed to create a floating bed effect to your room. It makes it look unique and cozy, too. If you have a walk-in closet, opt for a sliding door to make the room look neat.

The Modern Look

If you want your room to look like a condominium, then go with this concept. It may be a little expensive though, but condominium rooms are quite comfortable. Get an L-shaped sofa for your room. Modern-themed rooms have it. Well, most of them anyway. Condo room colors also feature grey, black and white palettes.

There are many HDB interior design Singapore themes that you can have for your new home. You can either get tips online or have an interior designer work with you to create the best HDB interior design Singapore. Just see to it that the HDB interior design Singapore theme will make your room look really nice. You should also make it a point to add details that will make your home look classy and expensive.